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Trigger points are a major cause of almost every pain patients have. Headaches, carpal tunnel, TMJ, back pain and even sciatica can be traced back to trigger points.

But what is a trigger point, and how do we get rid of them?

Trigger points are the tender spots in our muscles they refer pain. They can cause numbness, burning, aching, even weakness. They come from both physical and mental stress. Physical stress is often from a nearby joint dysfunction, easily corrected with chiropractic techniques. Mental stress is, of course, from the anxieties of daily living. Impossible to avoid, anxiety finds a home in our muscles and stays there until it is physically taken care of.

Reducing trigger points to nothing or as close to nothing as possible is what works. It’s what brings the most relief for the longest period of time. Ninety percent of my time in practice is reducing trigger points until they are inactive or unnoticeable.

When you relieve trigger points, the effects of mental and physical stress are relieved , and muscular aches and pain are gone with it. My preferred technique is myofascial release, a fairly aggressive technique that can definitely be felt, but along with that good pain of in depth treatment comes a lasting, deep relief.

To find out more about myofascial release and what I can do for you in my clinic, take up our clinical offer of a no charge consultation. I can review your findings with you and let you know what kind of relief you can expect with the chiropractic techniques I find most effective. 

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