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TMJ also referred to as TMD is a jaw joint disorder – and sometimes a very painful one.

The name tempero-mandibular joint is of course a long term for the jaw joint – the place where the jaw bone enters into a special socket just above the cheek. When this joint becomes dysfunctional, it can be very painful. The jaw pain alone can be severe, and pain can refer into the shoulder, the chest, and often into the temple, causing severe headaches. TMJ is also a big cause of vertigo, or dizziness.

Fortunately, TMJ can be successfully treated. TMJ itself is either a function of poor joint movement, trigger points in the surrounding muscles, or both. For me, this makes TMJ an easy problem to remedy.

Reducing the trigger points surrounding the jaw join usually brings almost immediate relief – in the jaw, the shoulder, the headaches, whatever problems the TMJ was causing. Combined with some range of motion exercises, it can be very easy to bring lasting relief to my TMJ patients.

How do we know if I can help you? Take advantage of a free consult in my clinic. We have of course a seasoned and professional team of massage therapists and acupuncturists to help me help you find lasting relief.

Start your journey by calling me at 1-780-458-8200. Let’s get your history and take a good look at your issues and I will let you know what I believe will work best for you!

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